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MMA Instructors

Kalsamrit Staff

List of Instructors at Kalsamrit Martial Arts

Kara Kalijundic
(Gym Owner)
Kara Kalijundic is the owner & CEO of Kalsamrit Studios.

Kru Brendan Kalijundic
(Head Instructor)
Brendan Kalijundic has a passion for teaching Muay Thai to adults and kid's at his Kalsamrit Muay Thai Gym.

Barry McDonald
(Boxing / Muay Thai Instructor )
Barry McDonald has trained and competed in several disciplines of full contact fighting styles such as: Karate, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Pankration, Muay Thai, San Shou Kickboxing and Pro MMA.... More

Antonio Carvalho
(Gym Manager/Office Administrator/Head Instructor)
Antonio "Pato" Carvalho is a UFC Veteran and mixed martial arts instructor at Kalsamrit Martial Arts....More

Kevin Kireluk
(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor)
Kevin Kireluk is a BJJ instructor at Kalsamrit Martial Arts.  Kevin is a Brown Belt with Professor Justin Bruckmann....More

Derrin Stainthorpe
(Kids & Adult Instructor)
Derrin Stainthorpe is a instructor at the Kalsamrit Gym for both kid's and adults.  Derrin has been training in boxing and thai boxing since 2009, with many accomplishments along the way.... More

Vanessa Artinger

Vanessa Artinger
(Bowmanville Gym Manager)
Vanessa Artinger is the gym manager at the Kalsamrit Bowmanville location.
... More

Heather Hicks
(After School Lessons Instructor)
Heather Hicks is a after school lessons instructor.  I am a registered Early Childhood Educator and have over 10 years experience working with Kids .
... More

Kru Goran

Kru Goran Jankovic
(Muay Thai Instructor)

Kru Goran is a Muay Thai instructor at Kalsamrit MMA... More

Bill Bolland
(Ladies Kickboxing / Jiu Jitsu)

Bill Bolland is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Ladies Kickboxing Coach, Strength & Conditioning Trainer and Personal Training Coach here at Kalsamrit Martial Arts ... More