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Tiny Tigers

Port Perry Tiny Tigers

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Our Tiny Tigers program has been developed to prep children for the older kid's programs!  Our Tiny Tigers Martial Arts are designed for children ages 5yrs - 7yrs to get them comfortable on the mats, proper stance, how to follow basic direction, become a team player, have fun with other children, all while learning the basic fundamentals of martial arts!

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers Learn...

* Summer Saults
* Break Falls
* Over The Horse Drills
* Fighting Stances
* Basic Jiu Jitsu
* Basic Muay Thai Striking
* Throws and Takedowns

Tiny Tigers get stronger, learn the rules of the Gym and develop great basic fundamentals! Tiny Tigers Jiu Jitsu has a 11 stripped grading system where kids will have to earn 11 stripes on their white belt each different color stripe symbolizing a different strength! Tiny Tigers Muay Thai has coloured shorts as the ranking system. Children that advance faster can and will be promoted based on performance!

Tiny Tigers have 6 classes a week broken up into

Muay Thai - where we focus on the striking (punches and kicks)
Jiu Jitsu - where we focus on wrestling/judo and basic Jiu Jitsu grappling.