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Private Lessons

Private Martial Art Lessons

  • Private Lessons

By popular demand Kalsamrit MMA  offers private lessons. One-on-one time spent with an instructor is a great way to get specialized and personal training.  We offer lessons in 30 or 60 minute time slots. The focus of the lesson can be the curriculum you study in your class or another area of martial arts that you are interested in. Private lessons benefit those who are planning on competing, preparing for a belt test or just wanting to take their training to the next level.

The great thing about private lessons is that your education can be directly tailored to your specific wants or needs. Whether you are a martial artist, an athlete, law enforcement professional, business person, or anyone else wanting to improve your martial arts skills.

With our skilled instructors in multiple forms of martial arts, we have someone to assist you in whichever martial art you desire to learn for combat, self defense or fitness.

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