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Brendan Kalijundic

Kru Brendan "Red Rum" Kalijundic

Kalsamrit Head Instructor

Brendan Kalijundic

Brendan "Red Rum" Kalijundic
Head Instructor

Brendan Kalijundic has a passion for teaching the kids programs and Muay Thai programs at Kalsamrit Gym. Kru Brendan Kalijundic is the 145lbs WAMTAC champion, 155lbs WAMTAC champion, 135lbs SSFL Spyder Submission Fight League Champion, 145lbs Victory Muay Thai champion and also holds the fastest knockout on record for amateur MMA with a 6 second 1 punch Knockout over Joey Barnes at Fightquest 21 in Montreal Quebec. 

Brendan Kalijundic started off as a Judo Fighter at a very young age has been a certified coach and personal trainer since 2006. Brendan returns home in 2013 after training at Kaewsamrit Gym in Bangkok Thailand and becoming a professional Muay Thai Fighter winning all fights in Thailand By TKO! Brendan is currently on a 13 fight win streak in both MMA and Muay Thai.