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Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers Martial Arts

  • Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tiger program has been strategically developed to prepare kids for the older Kids programs! The Tiny Tiger class is for Kids aged 5yrs - 7yrs. In this class we get them comfortable on the mats learning how to stand in line properly, follow basic direction, become a team player, have fun on the mats with other kids all while learning the basic fundamentals of martial arts that will help prepare them for the older more advanced kids classes!

In Tiny Tigers they will learn

* Summer Saults
* Break Falls
* Over The Horse Drills
* Fighting Stances
* Basic Wrestling
* Basic Jiu Jitsu
* Basic Muay Thai Striking
* Throws and Takedowns

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers get stronger, learn the rules of the Gym and develop great basic fundamentals! Tiny Tigers Jiu Jitsu has a 11 stripped grading system where kids will have to earn 11 stripes on their white belt each different color stripe symbolizing a different strength! Tiny Tigers Muay Thai has coloured shorts as the ranking system. Children that advance faster can and will be promoted based on performance!

Tiny Tigers have 6 classes a week broken up into

Muay Thai - where we focus on the striking (punches and kicks)
Jiu Jitsu - where we focus on wrestling/judo and basic Jiu Jitsu grappling.