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List of MMA Instructors at Kalsamrit Martial Arts

Kara Kalijundic
(Gym Owner)
Kara Kalijundic is the manager & owner of Kalsamrit Studios.  Kara overlooks all operations from class scheduling to gym accounts!  Any questions or concerns with anything at the gym please contact Kara she is very approachable!... More

Kru Brendan Kalijundic
(Gym Owner/ Head Instructor)
Brendan Kalijundic has a passion for teaching Muay Thai to adults and kid's at his Kalsamrit Muay Thai Gym. Kru Brendan is the 145lbs WAMTAC champion, 155lbs WAMTAC champion, 135lbs SSFL Spyder Submission Fight League Champion, 145lbs Victory Muay Thai champion and.... More

Barry McDonald
(Boxing / Muay Thai Instructor )
Barry McDonald has trained and competed in several disciplines of full contact fighting styles such as: Karate, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Pankration, Muay Thai, San Shou Kickboxing and Pro MMA.... More

Erica Mathers

Erica Mathers
(Gym Manager)
Erica Mathers is an active fighter and current Wreck MMA Straw Weight Female Champion.  But also is the Kalsamrit Gym Manager...More

Antonio Carvalho

Antonio Carvalho
(MMA Instructor)
Antonio "Pato" Carvalho is a UFC Veteran and mixed martial arts instructor at Kalsamrit Martial Arts....More

Kevin Kireluk
(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor)
Kevin Kireluk is a BJJ instructor at Kalsamrit Martial Arts.  Kevin is a Brown Belt with 2 stripes under Professor Justin Bruckmann....More

Clinton McKenzie
(Kids Program Instructor)
Clint McKenzie is a kid's martial arts trainer for Kalsamrit Studios in Bowmanville, Ontario. A father himself, Clint makes learning martial arts fun for boys and girls across the Clarington and the Durham Region.  Clinton McKenzie started in... More

Fighter Ethan Cook

Ethan Cook
(Kid`s Muay Thai Instructor)
Ethan Cook was the First student Signed up at Kalsamrit in 2011, Ethan started when he was 70lbs being bullied in school and decided to try Muay Thai. Ethan is now 145lb with 5 North American Muay Thai Titles and continues to help in the development of the other kids within the.... More

Savannah Foden
(Tiny Tigers Instructor)
Savannah Foden has trained Muay Thai for 7 yrs.  Although Savannah is young, Savannah grown up training and competing.  Savannah Lion Heart Foden is currently a instructor in the Kalsamrit Tiny Tigers program and other kids... More

Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver
(Jiu Jitsu Instructor)
Scott Weaver is a Jiu Jitsu instructor for both kid's and adult Jiu Jitsu classes.
... More

Michelle Spurs
(Kickboxing Instructor)
Michelle Spurs is a Kickboxing instructor at Kalsamrit and is a Fitness Kickboxing Specialist designation, certified through Fitness Kickboxing Canada.
.... More

Heather Hicks
(After School Lessons Instructor)
Heather Hicks is a after school lessons instructor.  I am a registered Early Childhood Educator and have over 10 years experience working with Kids .
... More