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Kid’s Martial Arts

Kid's Martial Arts Program

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At Kalsamrit Martial Arts we train our kids to be ready for everything! Preparing kids at an early age in the stand up striking arts of kickboxing and Muay Thai. The Kid`s Muay Thai Program prepares kids to be able to defend themselves and attack on their feet with fast reactions and the ability to decimate their opponents or attackers with devastating strikes whether punches / kicks / elbows or knee strikes!

Kids Muay Thai
Kids MMA
Kids Thai Boxing

Our Kid`s Wrestling Program helps in the scrambling aspect of fighting where opponents try and take the other opponent to the ground. Our kids are well trained in wrestling and Judo take downs to prepare them to either stand back up on their feet and fight or continue to finish the fight on the ground.

Kids Martial Arts
kids jiu jitsu
Kid`s BJJ

Our Kid`s Jiu Jitsu Program teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu multiple day a week, where they are taught how to fight from the ground off of their backs in bad positions! With all of the programs available, our kids are taught when and where to use their skills and are well prepared to join our competition teams if desired in the future. With the popularity of UFC we train the kids in all the arts that will prepare them to get there, both as an athletic goal and to help build confidence knowing they can defend themselves !