182 Wellington St. Bowmanville, Ontario kalsamritmartialarts@gmail.com
1894 Scugog St. Port Perry, Ontario kalsamritportperry@gmail.com

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Kalsamrit Contact Information

Kalsamrit Martial Arts
Address: 182 Wellington St.
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
L1C 1W3

Phone: 905-439-5254
Email: kalsamritmartialarts@gmail.com

Kalsamrit Martial Art
Address: 1894 Scugog St.
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
L9L 1B2

Phone: 905-914-5524
Email: kalsamritmartialarts@gmail.com

* Muay Thai
* Thai Boxing
* Kids Marital Arts
* Ladies Kickboxing
* Wrestling
* MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
* Boxing
* Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
* Strength & Conditioning

At Kalsamrit Studios we welcome and value your feedback. Feel free to visit the studio anytime or drop by the Blog to share your views.

We look forward to meeting you and serving all of your fitness needs.

Thank you kindly,
The Kalsamrit Team